Our Services

Crypto-currency Integration & Blockchain Consulting

We provide consulting services and developments for solutions that are based on the blockchain. We have the capacity to develop, maintain applications that run on the block chain.


Web Development

Our web development approach is geared to achieve the following objectives

  • Professional & Interactive websites
  • Responsive websites that offer seamless experience across multiple devices
  • Integration with Social media platforms
  • Content management Systems to enable easy administration to the websites
  • Security for the website to prevent hacking and unauthorized access

Having had a thousands of hours of web development, you are assured of nothing but the best website for your company


Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps are increasingly becoming used to manage critical business processes such us customer support, marketing and payment of products /services. The cost of maintaing the apps is sparingly slow compared to other apps.
Does your business already have an app? if not , here's why you should get an app

  • Communication to customers is fastest . Conversion of over 80%
  • Ability to automate some business processes such us purchase,inquiry
  • Positions your business as Tech Savy hence winning customer goodwill
  • Extremely easy to capture customer feedback and improve your business
  • Apps are viral. A good app will be used skyrocket your business beyond your imaginations

We will analyze your business, prioritize tasks to be undertaken by an app and develop Android, IOS or Windows app based on the business needs and target market


Custom SMS Applications Development

If you want an application that will be used by masses , SMS is the way to go .SMS leverages on the basic telecommunication infrastructure and is independent of user's hardware. We guarantee you an application that will be :

  • stable and operational 99.9% of the time
  • Secure
  • Easy for administration
  • Comprehensive reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly scalable
  • Reasonable in budgets

SMS applications range from short code applications, USSD applications,Bulk SMS applications


M-PESA Integrations

We've had a special previlege of working with dozens of clients on payment systems, our specific experience being integrating systems to the M-PESA platform. If you're looking to integrate your system or website with M-PESA , here's why you should give us a try

  • Use of industry's best security principles to guarantee payment
  • A fully fledged dashboard that gives you analysis of payments
  • Integration with Bulk SMS applications
  • Easy and efficient Customer Relationship Management via a dashboard
  • 24/7 user support

Supported payment processes currently available include Paybill and Till Numbers