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Lipa na M-Pesa online:

Lipa na M-Pesa online is an amazing solution that enables your business/organization to tap the power of the dominant M-Pesa service online. It is an easy and secure method for accepting M-pesa payments on your website instantly while giving your customers an awesome shopping experience Why you should use Lipa na M-PESA online in your website
  • Harness the Power of M-PESA in your Website
  • Provide a seamless experience to customers in the shopping Process
  • Instant and detailed reports for your website
  • Track your customers easy, communicate easily to them
  • Business Intelligence to your business to help you make smart decisions

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Smart Parcel:

Smart Parcel is a one stop courier solution that facilitates easy movement of goods beyond countrywide in an easy, fast and reliable way.Smart Parcel is is specifically tailored for East Africa with features that include:
  • Customer oriented tools
  • Ease of use for the users
  • Detailed reporting for all stake holders in the business chain
  • Ease of integration to other legacy systems Smart Parcel supports popular data transfer technologies
  • A secure system that not secures your business but also provide routine and automated back ups

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Free Accounting System:

We have developed an accounting solution that extends the functionalities of the currently available softwares in the market . If you're looking for an accounting solution, please contact us to
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Gaming platform:

We have developed a highly specialized gaming/ betting platform that is market ready. The solution is already in production in several markets To get a detailed information of the solution
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Point of Sale Applications:

Do you have shop,supermarket or a hardware and you're looking for a market ready solution that has been tested and proven? You're in the right place because we have a solution that has been deployed in hundreds of shops and has proven to be reliable .
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Restaurant & Hotel management Systems:

We have developed an end to end solution for the hotel industry that incorporates PoS system for restaurant, Kitchen production management and rooms management.
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